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Teak wood has been used for outdoor applications for centuries and is a natural choice for decking. Known for its stability in wet environments, it offers a variegated grain of light and medium browns mixed with gold tones. Teak is a hardwood with a high oil content that gives it a natural resistance to the effects of moisture. Teak has previously been over harvested from natural forests which caused it to become scarce and cost prohibitive. Now grown on plantations, in managed forests, Proteak offers natural teak deck boards at prices competitive with other decking materials.
PlybooDex is a bamboo decking product made from strands of bamboo fiber bonded together under high pressure with a marine grade phenolic resin. This manufacturing process gives this product a high density and excellent durability. PlybooDex offers two colors, a golden bronze color and a dark brown ebony color. The boards are installed using a hidden fastener that fits the milled edges of the boards. They can be installed showing the textured grooves on one side of the board or the smooth surface on the other side. Trim boards are available for rails and accents.
Ebony Strand Bamboo Decking - PlybooDex

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