Omarno is a leading brand developing sustainable and unique materials for the Architectural and Design Industries.

The Omarno collection of eco products is connected by a single common thread: the desire to make more from less, seeking to reduce material wastage and environmental impact. Omarno is a member of the US Green Building Council.

A waste product of the coconut industry, this tough, spherical nut shell has a rough texture and few useful applications once it has been cleaned of its flavorful meat. Omarno, offers dimensional decorative panels using pieces of the coconut shells cut into small, arched, rectangular pieces. They have developed a proprietary process for bonding these pieces to a mesh backing in a variety of patterns. The color of the coconut shell pieces vary with the age of the coconut and range from a light white color to a dark brown. Omarno Palm Panels come in 4 colors and 5 patterns and can be used on walls, as accents in cabinetry and furniture and as a medium for arts and crafts.